textAV - 2018

Disclaimer: this book is a work in progress. It is hosted on gitbooks.

If you want to get involved it and want to contribute to it, you can use gitbooks commenting features, change request or just reach out at pietro.passarelli@gmail.com.

  • You can use inline comments and discussions for high level topics and considerations.

  • Use change requests for grammars and typos.

Otherwise you can use github pull request with the github repo textAV18 that syncs with this gitbook.

textAV.tech event description:

TextAV is a two-day working group in London, 18-19 of September 2018, with leading technologists, application developers, and practitioners working in the area of online audio and video, with a particular focus on the use of captions and transcripts to facilitate and speed up the production process.

It started in New York City, July 19-21, 2017, you can see more info on previous line up here as well as videos of presentations and notes here.

The idea with this gitbook is to take the collaborative notes and video from the presentations of projects and problem domain and curate them into an easy to navigate resource that can be shared beyond the event.

It's also a chance to expand on lessons learned, road map and vision for each project.

Check out the TODOS section if you want to help with this effort.

For last year's documentation see


You can also read Roundup: Hacking automated transcription technologies at Text AV

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