Full Fact - Automated Fact checking - Mevan

Full Fact is building scalable, robust, automated factchecking tools to be used in newsrooms and by factcheckers all over the world.

Collaborative notes

  • UK’s independent fact-checking charity

  • Two pieces of tech we wanted to build

    • Want to monitor how often people repeat something we’ve fact-checked (Trends): https://alpha.fullfact.org/live/ (also needs credentials)

      • Links out to stories that have referenced those claims

    • A tool that helps us live fact-check (Live)

    • A tool that listens for facts (Check) - yay live demos

  • Claim detection

    • 25,000 annotations from 80 volunteers

    • Paper dropping on this on Friday, September 21, 2018

  • Doing this also in South Africa, Argentina and Brazil, not just in the UK

  • Have plans to build APIs in the future, but still in prototyping stage for what that data would look like

  • There should always be a primary source for any Full Fact claim check — it’s less of this is the right answer, and more of here are the options

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