Cloud Functions

Environment Var and Config

Function Environment variables is essentially using this beta feature from GCP:
To set in firebase environment do
firebase functions:config:set aws.aws_access_key_id="XXXX" aws.aws_scret_access_key="XXXX"

Using env var Locally

For this to run locally: firebase functions:config:get > .runtimeconfig.json in functions folder, also add to .gitignore

Storage Triggers

Since you cannot configure a function to be triggered by subdirectories. It's only possible to listen to the entire bucket. If you have a trigger based on Bucket, the recommendation is to create a new, separate bucket so that you are not triggered every time a file changes in the Bucket.
  1. 1.
    Create a new bucket
  2. 2.
    Update your Functions environment config with new bucket name
  3. 3.
    Call the functions.config() to get the specified bucket name
You can do environments for Functions:
$ firebase -P dev functions:config:set storage.bucket="dev-digital-paper-edit"
> ✔ Functions config updated.
$ firebase -P dev functions:config:get
> {
"storage": {
"bucket": "dev-digital-paper-edit"
$ firebase -P prod functions:config:get
> {}
And then subsequently in a Function you'd use the config like so:
const functions = require("firebase-functions");
const BucketFunctions =


A big caveat here - you don't have a document anywhere in your repo that tells you what this is. You need to be logged in into firebase and run the above
firebase -P dev functions:config:get
command to know what this is.