ffmpeg transcoding video

Not sure if running this in a google cloud function would time out if it takes too long? Probably better to consider using google cloud compute or google engine?
in a Google Cloud Function that is triggered by the upload Google Cloud Storage bucket.
Interesting how it uses stream to save the output of ffmpeg back into the bucket
const storage = require('@google-cloud/storage')();
const ffmpegPath = require('@ffmpeg-installer/ffmpeg').path;
const ffmpeg = require('fluent-ffmpeg');
const transcodedBucket = storage.bucket('transcode');
const uploadBucket = storage.bucket('upload');
exports.transcodeVideo = function transcodeVideo(event, callback) {
const file = event.data;
// Ensure that you only proceed if the file is newly created, and exists.
if (file.metageneration !== '1' || file.resourceState !== 'exists') {
// Open write stream to new bucket, modify the filename as needed.
const remoteWriteStream = transcodedBucket.file(file.name.replace('.webm', '.mp4'))
metadata: {
metadata: file.metadata, // You may not need this, my uploads have associated metadata
contentType: 'video/mp4', // This could be whatever else you are transcoding to
// Open read stream to our uploaded file
const remoteReadStream = uploadBucket.file(file.name).createReadStream();
// Transcode
.outputOptions('-c:v copy') // Change these options to whatever suits your needs
.outputOptions('-c:a aac')
.outputOptions('-b:a 160k')
.outputOptions('-f mp4')
.outputOptions('-preset fast')
.outputOptions('-movflags frag_keyframe+empty_moov')
// https://github.com/fluent-ffmpeg/node-fluent-ffmpeg/issues/346#issuecomment-67299526
.on('start', (cmdLine) => {
console.log('Started ffmpeg with command:', cmdLine);
.on('end', () => {
console.log('Successfully re-encoded video.');
.on('error', (err, stdout, stderr) => {
console.error('An error occured during encoding', err.message);
console.error('stdout:', stdout);
console.error('stderr:', stderr);
.pipe(remoteWriteStream, { end: true }); // end: true, emit end event when readable stream ends